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Author-illustrator visit to your school

Research from the Society of Authors shows that 99.4% of all schools who host an author visit considered it an invaluable experience that encouraged reading for pleasure, wider reading and creative writing.

I am passionate about enabling children to experience the magic of books and this can be easily achieved by attending an author visit. Author visits bring books to live and allow children to take active part in reading, activities and games built around story telling. A combination of reading and taking an active part in a workshop session with an author/illustrator creates a memorable experience for children and can fundamentally alter a child or young person’s relationship to books and ignite a life-long love of reading.

The children were very engaged, they especially loved acting out the stories and they all wanted to take part. The visit corresponded very well with our current curriculum of phonics and animals.

“Animalphabetical Adventures” is wildly illustrated and presents an innovative approach of teaching children letter shapes by tapping into their visual memory. How it works is that every letter of the alphabet, and most importantly the sound in phonics it represents, is shaped into an animal that starts with that sound. Please see the attached pdf for examples from the book.
Cleverly shaped animal letters help to tap into children’s ability to memorise letter shapes for immediate recall.
The idea of the book derives from observing young children of pre-school age struggling to memorise the shape of letters as well as their corresponding pronunciation.

A stunning book that has no end of educational value; from the imaginative rhymes, rich vocabulary and beautiful pictures, this creative genius of a book will have children captivated for hours.
A must-have for every child’s book collection.

The book offers an effective teaching aid for KS1 children, which through telling an engaging story about an animal, it introduces letter shapes as well as their phonics pronunciation.

Beyond phonics

The book is not just about phonics. The 26 stories about animals in their natural habitat go through a string of exciting and surreal magical adventures.
There are no man-made references in any of the stories to add an extra timeless ecological value to the collection.
Moreover, the stories teach about life values, such as sharing, kindness, friendship, offering a helping hand but also talk about pursuit of one’s dreams and not giving up.

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