Animalphabetical Adventures by: Kinga White A collection of 26 enchanting animal stories for every letter in the alphabet. Beautifully illustrated with cleverly shaped animal letters. £13.99 - BUY BOOK
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Letter shaped animals

Each story has cleverly letter-shaped animals presented both as a small and capital letters, following phonics rules of learning the alphabet.

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School visits

Contact me via the Contact form below to book  an exciting school visit for KS1, where we read animal stories and do lots of fun activities, including learning phonics with animals, creating new animal stories and many others. Activities are tailored to year group. Recommended for Key Stage 1:  Nursery up to Year 2.

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Life values

Learn about life values such as friendship, offering a helping hand, kindness and many others, when going on an adventure with each animal. There are plenty of exciting things happening to each of the animals.

About Animalphabetical Adventures

Enter the enchanted world of animals

A is for Ant, B is for... From Ant, who found herself in Aardvark’s snout; Crocodile, who swallowed the sun; Snake who stretched Giraffe’s neck to Zebra, who got struck by lightning, you will find in this book a short story for an alphabet of animals on their truly magical adventures. Cleverly letter-shaped animals will help you memorise your alphabet.


Joining animals on their quirky adventures will make you think about life values such as sharing, kindness, friendship, offering a helping hand and others, whilst you lose yourself in an enchanted natural world, free from man-made objects.

Tap into your child’s visual memory by teaching them alphabet with Animalphabetical Adventures and help them on the path to become independent readers

About author
Kinga White

Kinga White is a Polish born  award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. She studied English Language Teaching, Design and Fine Art at University of Warsaw in Poland and London Metropolitan University, U.K.

Since graduating she has worked in publishing, international commercial businesses as well as government bodies in the U.K and abroad.

She now lives in the suburbs of London with her husband and two boys.

Animalphabetical Adventures is a marriage of her two passions: education and art.  In this debut book she has combined language teaching through story telling with her illustrations to support and inspire children on their path to reading fluency.



Exerpt from the story

In bygone times when giraffes’ necks were not long at all
A snake lay curled up on a tree that was rather tall.
Looking down casually at the murky swamp below,
He noticed one of those short-necked giraffes walking slow.
The giraffe stretched to reach a tasty leaf hanging down,
When she lost balance in the bog and began to drown…

Bond with your child by travelling together to the enchanted world of Animalphabetical Adventures

"My daughter absolutely adores this book. The illustrations are lovely and the choice of the different alphabet stories means the children can have their favourites."
  • Great book for the little ones
  • Will
"An incredibly well thought through phonics orientated Alphabet set of stories. The stories read like Julia Donaldson crosses with Elmer. It’s like 26 mini books in one. So imaginative and such detailed and intriguing drawings. It was a gift for my son and we loved it so much we bought another for our nephew."
  • So many phonics orientated stories!
  • S.R. Larner
"Animalfabulous stories and illustrations. A beautifully realised book, with stunning illustrations matched by enthralling stories that will have the children AND adults riveted. Maybe a poster of the very clever and memorable alphabet letters (feature in the book) formed from animals would be fantastic companion to the book. Super."
  • Avi
"Such a beautifully illustrated book. My two children (aged 3 and 6) love the animal characters and the way they are shaped as the lower case and capital letters are very clever."
  • Ms. Hs Willner
  • Mum of a 3 and 6 year old
"This book is fantastic. So colourful and the stories are really well written. I bought it for my 4 year old niece for Christmas and I think she is going to fall in love with it, as I have."
  • Denise A
  • Aunt of a 4 year old
"Beautifully illustrated, 26 fantastic animal stories, a brilliant Christmas present! My six year old and our family love this book, it follows phonic rules of learning the alphabet with animals shaped both as small and capital letters. It is a joy to read with beautiful colourful illustrations definitely a brilliant Christmas stocking filler!"
  • Emma
  • Mum of a 6 year old
"Beautiful artwork, fun stories! The animal stories in this book are fun, engaging and inventive - and they're brilliantly brought to life by some beautiful artwork. Great for reading together with younger kids, and for older ones to read and discover the enchanting tales themselves. I bought this book for my 7 year old niece, who absolutely loves it! Highly recommended!"
  • George C
  • Uncle of a 7 year old
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