Animalphabetical Adventures book and poster bundle
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A bundle of Animalphabatical Adventures book and an extra large – A1 animal alphabet poster



BOOK – 64pp Hardcover edition, 245x280mm,
Written and illustrated by: Kinga White, publisher: Bayeux Arts.
A collection of 26 enchanting animal stories for every letter in the alphabet. Beautifully illustrated with cleverly shaped animal letters.
A is for Ant, B is for… From Ant, who found herself in Aardvark’s snout; Crocodile, who swallowed the sun; Snake who stretched Giraffe’s neck to Zebra, who got struck by lightning, you will find in this book a short story for an alphabet of animals on their truly magical adventures. Cleverly letter-shaped animals will help you memorise your alphabet.
Joining animals on their quirky adventures will make you think about life values such as sharing, kindness, friendship, offering a helping hand and others, whilst you lose yourself in an enchanted natural world, free from man-made objects.
A bundle of an animal alphabet poster and Animalphabetical Adventures book.
Extra large Animal Alphabet poster in A1 size 841x594mm in landscape. This poster has every letter of the alphabet in an animal shape that it represents. The poster follows phonics rules of teaching the alphabet. It also forms a beautiful decoration for children’s room.
The poster forms part of a book, Animalphabetical Adventures that is a collection of 26 animal stories for every letter of the alphabet for ages 4 to 7.
The poster gets delivered in a rigid cardboard roll.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 841 × 594 × 5 cm

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